Rolling Ball Sculpture

After a few years of searching for kinetic ball sculpture on the web, I finally found the Rolling Ball Web and joined its mailing list. There are also some construction details on the Rolling Ball Technology pages, but they are sadly unfinished.


These are selected messages I've sent to the rolling-ball list presented here in their original form. Make sure you read the latest ones since not every tool or technique I describe has worked out.
  1. My original description of my wire construction techniques. This is definitely out of date.
  2. I have revised my opinion of slip benders significantly since I got mine.
  3. I've discovered the joys of MIG welding by taking a class at Portland Community College. See also my MIG welder review.
  4. A discussion of the merits of various ball sizes and track materials.

Wooden Project

You must now go and see my only completed RBS! It's made mostly out of wood, but with copper railings in places. Boy, that was a lot easier than all this metalworking.

Weekend Project

Sears had a sale on Craftsman hot-glue guns: $4.99! I made a fine piece of artwork out of a sliced up FedEx box and some other random cardboard bits. Oh, and some straws. And a surprising amount of hot glue...

You can see it has a couple of alternators and one 3D bit. Those 5/8" ball bearings are the stuff that's meant to run on the copper described below.

Wire Projects

I started my own project a few years ago, but I only have a few prototype track segments to show for it.

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