Lincoln SP-175+ MIG Welder

I chose this welder for several reasons:

I compared the SP-175+ to a few other machines:

What I Like

Several things discovered after I bought it:

I think I like the "automatic burnback" feature which it inherited from the SP-170T, but it does tend to leave a ball of metal on the end of the wire every time you stop welding.

Minor Complaints

Nothing has made me regret my purchase, but there are a few minor nits:

Additional Costs

You could weld with just what's in the box, if you want to do fluxcore, and you don't have much to weld (only a 2lb spool included). You'll probably want to buy a few spools of wire (about $1/lb, an 8" spool of mild steel weighs 11lbs) and a gas tank.

I had to extend my dryer circuit about 1.5' to put a 230V outlet in the garage. I did it myself, and with inspection and parts it cost me about $60. If you need to do this make sure you know what you're doing and get the permit (about $40 where I am) so that if your welder burns your house down it's not plugged into an uninspected outlet that your insurance company will use as an excuse not to pay the claim. Main thing to keep in mind is that an older dryer will be hot/hot/neutral and the welder wants hot/hot/ground. Pay an electrician if you are unsure.

I replugged for NEMA L6-30, including the welder, the new outlet and a 30' 10ga extension cord. The single most expensive part was the receptacle end for the extension cord, which was $32! The 10/3 extension cord wire was about $1/foot. You could do it cheaper by just replacing the cord on the welder (save about $45 on the extra plug/inline receptacle).