We're new and improved! Since I last updated these pages I've gone from a hundred or so shots with the camera to well over one thousand.

The Olympus D-600L

My mini-review: Takes very sharp, colorful pictures. The focus problems which received so much attention are really a non-issue once you're used to the camera. As with any digital camera, NiMH rechargable batteries are a must. Now that the D-600L is available mail-order for about $450 (but check the Olympus D-600L entry on shopper.com), it's a bargain. I find it surprising that it doesn't get more attention nowdays, because it's easily a match for the high resolution cameras that have come to market since (notably the Nikon Coolpix 900 and the Kodak DC260).

Newer Models

My camera is getting a bit dated now. Olympus is up the to C-2000Z. It seems to have all of the features and add higher resolution, sequence shooting and smaller size.



I've removed most of the pictures that used to be here (taken from one of my first outings with the D-600L) just because more Smartmedia and more experience with the camera have raised my standards for a good image considerably.

The point of this page is to demonstrate the capabilities of the D-600L, so all of these images are links to raw camera data. For HQ images this is quite large, usually between 250 and 333k. If you would rather evaluate the camera with images reduced to 640x512, I can assure you that every HQ image reduced to that size looks flawless.

And for Pier Rodelon, lover of the snapshot:

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