Most of my photos are in a gallery now...

My Stuff

My old Olympus D-600L review which is probably only of interest to historians now.

Some galleries:

You may be looking for family photos in which case you had better be family and have a password.

Of course my whole website has lots of examples of my photography.

Other Stuff

You can learn a lot at Be warned that if you click on that link you may never remember to return to my website!

If you need digital camera reviews try Phil Askey's Digital Photography Review. For another perspective try Dave Etchell's Imaging Resource. Once you know what you want use to find the best price but end up buying it at anyway. If it's just an accessory or standard photo item you'll want to order from B&H, despite their new website. Even though I live in Portland I don't seem to buy much from Camera World of Oregon although it's worth walking in now since they will give you the web price.

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