Miniature R2D2

I bought a 9748 Droid Development Kit for parts. Since I already had an RCX and a Scout, I wasn't too excited about the Micro-scout, but wanting to see it in action I built what I think is probably the smallest possible R2-style, Micro-scout-compatible robot.

The only interesting program the Micro-scout can run is Seek Light, during which it backs up until the internal light sensor (on the other end from the motor) is activated, at which point it starts going forward. Actually it doesn't do this very well. Usually it doesn't see any light unless it's a flashlight aimed right at the light sensor.

My design drives in a straight line while moving forward, and turns while in reverse. It turns so sharply (to keep the turning radius down) that it almost hops around backwards. Besides the wheels, all of the parts are from the DDK itself. After I started building it I decided it should use white pieces wherever possible, so there are some white connectors doing double duty as bushings.

Larger Front View Larger Rear View

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