Assorted Disclaimers

Text Browsers

I have tried to make these pages palatable to all kinds of browsers, but unless you have some facility for viewing the raytraced pictures, there won't be much here for you anyway. If I have overlooked some aspect of HTML design that happens to be your pet peeve, feel free to complain to me.

Netscape Extensions

The lure of <TABLE> was irresistable, I'm sorry. Most other browsers seem to ignore the tags involved, which works out pretty well for my purposes. Other than that, I only take advantage of the IMG ALIGN=LEFT/RIGHT enhancement which flows text around images. The results may not be ideal for other browsers, but I've found that they look reasonable even with a pretty old version of Chimera.

I've also taken up with <FRAME> in a small way, providing an alternate image index page that keeps the theme index as a frame at the bottom of the page.


This page is NOT maintained or endorsed by INTERLEGO AG or any of its subsidiaries. LEGO has finally gotten their own web site set up: The Official LEGO World Wide Web. Maybe someday it will have as much information as the unofficial sites that were forced to shut down after LEGO's lawyers contacted them.