Sorry Space Fans!

That space minifig is about all I've done with the LEGO Space theme. I don't really like the modern LEGO Space designs and all of the large space vehicles I had as a child are long gone.

(NASA Astronaut) (Spyrius 1) Somehow Jer and I ended up with some space-like stuff, though. I got the 6889 Recon Robot for Christmas and used the minifig to draw one of the Spyrius shirt designs myself in XPaint. Jer ended up with one of the NASA astronauts and threw that in with a batch of Islander shirts. After an afternoon of modelling the new style helmet, voila, some space explorers.

Luckily for Space enthusiasts, some of the other major work in LEGO raytracing has focused on Space related themes. Paul Gyugyi has even adopted an invented theme for his creations. He maintains a L3G0 CAD page featuring his images and some animations. He's finally building some entire scenes with his models. I'm expecting a Star Wars scale battle any time now...

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