The Pirates Theme seems to encompass all of the Pirates, Imperial Guard and Islander sets. These are currently my favorite, so I'm surprised to see that this page looks pretty sparse. Of course, when I get around to raytracing some of the islands and ships things will pick right up. :-)

Minifigures and Accessories

(Imperial Guardsman) (Imperial Captain) Jer and I are almost complete in all of the Imperial Guard and Pirate minifig styles. Jer is still working on the shirt and face imagemaps for the Islanders, and I'm working on support for applying imagemaps to legs (for those leafy garments Islanders wear). Jer even created a fake French shirt imagemap derived from pictures I dug up in a history book. The staple weapons of the Pirates Theme are the saber, the pistol and the rifle. With the recent addition of the pistol, we are 2/3 complete. :-)

Boats (well, rafts...)

(6261 Renegades Raft) I started the 6261 Renegades Raft as part of a scene I was planning to do for the September 1995 Internet Raytracing Competition. The actual theme was "The Kitchen Counter." My plan was to model a realistic sink full of water, and then construct a LEGO battle scene within it, whose main components would be this model and the 6256 Islander Catamaran. I was also hoping to throw in a rowboat full of Imperial Guards. I didn't actually finish, but this model will still come in handy when I get around to making a battle scene with a more realistic background. (outrigger canoe from 6278 Enchanted Island)

I was motivated to model the Islander canoe, which turned out to be quite a challenge. And while I haven't finished the Catamaran, I did complete the outrigger canoe model from the 6278 Enchanted Island. This gave me an opportunity to use Jer's new Islander shirt imagemap, too. I do need to get him to draw the sticker that goes on the ends of the canoe, though.

More and larger boats are planned. Eventually you'll be amazed to find raytracings of the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda and 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner here. So watch this space.


(6279 Skull Island skull) No, not yet. I do own most of the islands, though, so they will be here eventually. As the image to the left suggests, the first will probably be the 6279 Skull Island. I also like the 6263 Imperial Outpost.

Work in Progress

(several ranks of Imperial and French troops) This image is incomplete, but is kind of fun because it shows you what it would be like to amass huge ranks of Imperial Guardsmen. Opposing them on the right are the made up French guard.

(a plain Pirate backdrop) This is an attempt to mimick the stock Pirate backdrop used when LEGO photographs models for box pictures and the like. I don't think I'd ever use it for anything but boxalikes, since POV-Ray is capable of much more realistic water (which looks more like the plaster model water used in LEGO posters).

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